Deadly Tots App

The Deadly Tots App

Deadly Tots App contains information for every Aboriginal Family to help their Bub learn and grow.

- Get messages on how to help Bub learn and grow.

- Add photos of your child and create a memory book. Choose your own caption or use the ones provided.

- Be sent reminders on immunisations and blue book checks.

- Add your own local Contacts for a quick way to contact local services.

The Deadly Tots App developed by South Western Sydney Local Health District, Resourcing Parents and with the support of funding from the Office of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health.

The Deadly Tots App is based on the South West Sydney flip chart with art work from a painting by Aboriginal students at Sunning Hill School. They were inspired by one of the original Deadly Tots Projectspainting by the Ngala Nanga Mai pARenT group La Perouse.

The latest update to the Deadly Tots App was funded by NSW Kids and Families. Now every district in NSW has their own list of local Aboriginal Child and Family Service with direct email, phone and website links created by their Local Health District. Parents can add their own contacts to this list in the Contacts section of the App.

How to get it

On your smart device, click on the appropriate button below. 

For Apple iOS devices, visit the App Store.


For Android devices, please visit Google Play.

 Get it on Google Play

How to change your settings for Notifications

The following section will help you with changing your notifications on your iPhone. If you do not wish to receive the reminders, you can turn off the notifications, however we strongly recommend you keep them on, so that you will be reminded of the regular health checks for your Tots.

Apple iOS

If you wish to change your notification settings, and stop receiving the reminders, click Settings > Deadly Tots > Notifications to access the following screen. Slide the "Allow Notifications" button to on or off as you see fit.


If you wish to change your notification settings, and stop receiving the reminders, click Settings > Application Manager > Deadly Tots > to access the following screen. Check or uncheck the "Show notifications" box as you see fit.

Support and Feedback

If you require any support, or have any questions about the app, please contact us here. CONTACT US