Deadly Tots Project

Babies are the future. Sandra “Bambi” Murphy

Babies are the future
Who we need to carry on
The traditions that we pass down
Must be ones that are very strong

Learning is the key
To a future that is bright
Let us keep moving forward
And not give up the fight

Through movement, dance, signing and play
We can step out of the shadows
And show our kids the way

Let us open the doors
And not be shame
Stand up strong
And shout our name

If we teach our kids
From the very start
They will have the skills
To set them apart

So let’s begin this journey
Of stories to be told

Through our artwork
The message we hold

And through our kids
We will succeed
To give them everything
That they need

Sandra Murphy
15th March 2011

The Deadly Tots project would like to acknowledge and pay respects to the traditional Aboriginal owners of the land on which they work and they would also like to pay their respect to elders past and present.